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Mooncrest Ranch

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HUNTING LODGE GENERAL INFORMATION 2022 For a full service hunt, we offer lodging accommodations at the privately owned Mooncrest Lodge. This includes all meals. Conditions permitting and arranged at the time of the hunt, we have a hunting camp that is accessible by horseback only and would utilize tents. The hunting camp is the only permitted camp in the Trout Creek and Rattlesnake Creek Drainages, and is in the heart of the non-wilderness section of the Shoshone National Forest that is part of the Hunt Area 53. When booking the hunt, you may discuss all the possible options to make your trip successful and enjoyable. The lodge is approximately 45 minutes from downtown Cody, WY. The last 9 miles is on a private, gravel road. The lodge has a telephone for local calls only. There is no cell or internet service at the lodge. If you need to make long distance calls, please bring a telephone card. A maximum speed limit of 25 mph is allowed on the private road. This is livestock open range as well as wildlife habitat. Mooncrest Ranch and Mooncrest Lodge are located in beautiful Rattlesnake Canyon, just north of the Buffalo Bill Reservoir and west of Rattlesnake Mountain. This is a working cattle ranch. Weather and conditions at high altitude can change quickly. Please be sure you bring appropriate clothing in addition to your rifle and ammunition. Weather conditions will determine the ability to utilize horses, if requested. This will be at the discretion of the guide(s). Your safety, the safety of our guides and our animals is of primary importance.

2022 Hunting Information


Elk: Hunt Area 53 - limited quota area

Deer: Region F; Hunt Area 111 - general tag

Big Horn Sheep – Ram: Hunt Area 2


Full Service Guided Hunt - Lodge

Bull Elk: 6-day hunt - $6,000

Cow Elk: 4-day hunt- $2,800

Deer: 4 day hunt - $2,800

Combo: 4 day hunt - $4,200

(2 cow elk; 1 cow elk/1 deer)

Sheep: 10 day hunt - $10,000

Non hunting companions: $150/person/day


Additional Information


  • Charge for hunts are whether you are successful in taking an animal on first day, last day or not at all. There is no guarantee a hunter will be successful.

  • Processing and taxidermy are not included. We can offer recommendations for these services.

  • Full Service hunts include horses, depending on conditions.

  • If you do not hunt on your arrival or departure days, we do not charge for those days. If you arrive or depart in time to hunt, that is considered a day of hunting.

  • Deposit: $500 per hunter at time of booking. If the hunt is canceled prior to August 1, 2022, you will receive a refund, less $75 cancellation fee. If hunt is canceled after August 1, 2022, the deposit will not be refunded.

  • We accept cash, check, money order.

  • Wyoming Sales Tax Applies.


Guns as a way of life in Wyoming

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"The farther one gets into the wilderness, the greater is the attraction of its lonely freedom." —Teddy Roosevelt "The farther one gets into the wilderness, the greater is the attraction of its lonely freedom." —Teddy Roosevelt
Mooncrest Lodge
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The Wyoming Game and Fish Department Home Page. Informative and Reliable information for todays sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts!

We receive many questions about the process to get a license to hunt in Wyoming.  The Wyoming Game & Fish Department manages the wildlife in Wyoming and manages the hunting and licenses.  Their

website gives detailed information about the process, application deadline dates and other useful information for you as you plan your hunt.  The link to their entire site is provided above.



Because this is a draw system, or basically a lottery, no one is guaranteed success at obtaining a license.  Some who have maximum preference points are not successful at the draw; some with minimum points are successful.


Wyoming State Board of Outfitters

Robert Model, Outfitter

License #BG-223

Licensed in the State of Wyoming for over 40 years

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